Friday, September 26, 2003

Worse yet...Arafat's sex slave!

Is this how Arafat gets his bombers? And how Osama adds to the clan?

Afghan authorities have rescued 85 boys who had been abducted, possibly for trafficking abroad, the BBC reported Thursday.

Some 50 children, some as young as four, from the northern province of Badakhshan were rescued by Afghan police as they travelled by road through a neighboring province.

Authorities suspect the boys were destined for religious schools in Pakistan and Iran, although they also suspect they may have been destined for sale as sex slaves abroad.

I'm not sure which one is worse, being a sex slave or being brain washed in a Pakistani "religious school." Here is a scary thought: do you think the Taliban would have stopped this sort of behavior? How could one be opposed to fighting a war against people like this?


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