Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The AL strike again!

As you might have heard, Australia is moving some used nuclear fuel via boat to France, who will reprocess the fuel and later send it back to Australia.

This has the Angry Left, including Greenpeace, hopping mad because this nuclear fuel could be hijacked by terrorists.

To wit, Greenpeace spokesman James Courtney complains "These casks are vulnerable to terrorist attack....I think that the federal government is downplaying the risk of terrorism when it suits them and playing it up when they want to use it to their advantage."

Then, as if to show the world once and for all how lame and inept the Angry Left truly are, "activist" Danny Kennedy is quoted as saying "There were 10 police launches protecting the vessel, including fast inflatable vessels with guys in black helmets and night-vision goggles... racing around the water...It is an obscene abuse of the public purse."

In other words, it's a waste of tax money to pay these guys to protect the nuclear cargo.

So, the Angry Left wants the Australian government not to ship the spent nuclear fuel to France because it could be hijacked by terrorists, but they don't want to spend any tax monies protecting it either.

You have just witnessed the complex mind of the Angry Left.


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