Friday, October 10, 2003

Chen backtracks

Taiwan's President Chen is doing a little back-peddling after he made some mildly unappreciative comments regarding the US:

The Presidential Office reportedly has made damage control efforts, trying to convince the United States that President Chen Shui-bian has not made any remarks undermining Taipei-Washington ties or cross-strait stability.

The office late Tuesday night faxed the U.S. government a complete transcript of the president's interview by the Washington Post after finding the newspaper allegedly misquoted Chen, the China Times Express reported.

A presidential spokesman said yesterday the paper "wrongly interpreted" Chen's remarks when reporting that the president "would not bow to U.S. pressure to modify recent moves... which Bush administration officials worry could heighten tensions with Beijing."

If it wasn't for US "pressure" Taiwan would just be another part of Communist China.


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