Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hamas, Robin Hood of the Palestinians

E. Anthony Wayne, the State Department's assistant secretary for economic and business affairs, has an odd view regarding the terrorist group Hamas. Mr. Wayne stated recently that "Even as we try to shut of the flow of funds to Hamas, it is important to remember that a significant portion of this money has gone to provide extensive basic services to the Palestinian population - services the Palestinian Authority does not yet have the resources to step in and provide."

Yeah, that terrorism thing is just a side project.

An AP article notes this fact:

John Pistole, assistant director of the FBI's counterterrorism division, said that based on U.S. intelligence, Hamas' annual budget is estimated to be at least $50 million.

The European Union alone gives the PA 11 million Euros a month. How is it that a group with an annual budget of "only" 50 million dollars is able to provide "extensive basic services" that the PA can not?

But discounting all that, it shouldn't matter what Hamas does in addition to blowing up innocent women, children, and civilians. The fact is Hamas is terrorist organization.

The leader of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, recently stated:

"he who carries a bomb and blows himself up" is destined for paradise, referring to suicide attackers who have killed hundreds of Israelis.

Does that sound like someone who is interested in providing "basic services?"


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