Monday, October 13, 2003

The Kremlin doctorine?

Where have I heard this before?

While taking pains to play down possible new nuclear threats to NATO, the Kremlin has made it clear it is prepared to use pre-emptive strikes against perceived threats and will continue to mobilise Russia's vast nuclear arsenal to deter a new generation of low-level instability on its borders.


Terrorism and instability in the former Soviet states along its borders are seen as Russia's greatest military peril, and Kremlin officials have emphasised that the kind of pre-emptive strikes upon which the US has relied in Iraq - the subject of substantial criticism from Moscow - are potential tools for the Russian armed forces as well.

The Defence Minister, Sergei Ivanov, told a recent meeting of the Russian military leadership in Moscow: "The specifics of contemporary external threats require that the Russian armed forces be able to perform various duties in various regions of the world. We cannot absolutely rule out pre-emptive use of force if this is dictated by Russia's interests or its commitments to allies."

Nuclear weapons to "deter a new generation of low-level instability on its borders"? If Bush had said this the world would be in an uproar!

Anyhow, it seems as though the "Bush Doctrine" of pre-emptive strikes isn't so crazy after all.


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