Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Saudi Abombia?

This doesn't sound good:

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have concluded a secret agreement on nuclear cooperation, UPI reported, quoting an unimpeachable source.

"It will be vehemently denied by both countries," added this ranking Pakistani source, described as "a knowledgeable insider" by Arnaud de Borchgrave, the editor-in-chief of UPI.

"But future events will confirm that Pakistan has agreed to provide Saudi Arabia with the wherewithal for a nuclear deterrent."

In a lightning, hastily arranged, 26-hour "state visit" in Islamabad, Crown Prince Abdullah Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, flew across the Arabian Sea with an entourage of 200, including Foreign Minister Prince Saud and several cabinet ministers.

The pro-American Saudi Defence Minister Prince Sultan, who is next in line to succeed to the throne after Abdullah, was not part of the delegation.

There was talk a while back that Saudi Arabia had decided to acquire nuclear weapons, but it was (not surprisingly) denied by Saudi officials.


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