Thursday, October 23, 2003

Say it again, George

Member of Parliament George Galloway has been kicked out of the Labour Party.

Rebel Labour MP George Galloway has been kicked out of the party following his outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq.

Mr Galloway, who was found guilty of bringing Labour into disrepute, described the expulsion as a "travesty of justice".


Now Labour's National Constitutional Committee has upheld four out of five charges brought against Mr Galloway by the party's leadership.

The charges included inciting Arabs to attack British troops and urging UK forces to defy orders.

George Galloway was also accused to taking money from Saddam in exchange for his support:

A British politician who vehemently opposed the war on Iraq has denied a newspaper report that he received money from Saddam Hussein's regime through the oil-for-food program.

George Galloway, an outspoken member of the governing Labour Party, said the report in London's Daily Telegraph was part of a "smear campaign" against opponents of the war.


The Telegraph said its correspondent in Baghdad, David Blair, had seen a memo to Saddam from the Iraqi intelligence service. It said Mr Galloway had asked an Iraqi agent for a larger cut of Iraq's exports under the oil-for-food program.

The newspaper reported that the memo said Mr Galloway had asked for a bigger share of the oil income and for "exceptional" commercial contracts, and had entered into partnership with an Iraqi broker to sell oil on the international market.

Yesterday the newspaper reproduced a memo allegedly written in response to the request by an aide to Saddam with an illegible signature. It said Mr Galloway had asked for "exceptional support which we cannot afford".

The newspaper said its reporter found the document in Baghdad's looted Foreign Ministry.

Some quotes from the great George Galloway:

"Even if it is not realistic to ask a non-Iraqi army to come to defend Iraq, we see Arab regimes pumping oil for the countries who are attacking it. We wonder when the Arab leaders will wake up. When are they going to stand by the Iraqi people?"

"They (Bush and Blair) have lied to the British air force and navy when they said the battle of Iraq would be very quick and easy. They attacked Iraq like wolves. They attacked civilians."

"It is better for Blair and Bush to stop this crime and this catastrophe. It is time for them to return to the UN security council and give diplomacy a chance."

"The wolves are Bush and Blair, not the soldiers. The soldiers are lions led by donkeys, sent to kill and be killed."

"The best thing British troops can do is to refuse to obey illegal orders."


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