Monday, October 27, 2003

UN in error, Kucinich still a nut

The United Nations has issued its final assessment regarding the August 19 truck bombing of their headquarters in Iraq.

The report, commissioned by Secretary-General Kofi Annan under pressure from the U.N. Staff Union, found so much blame to go around that it's hard to say where the ax might fall.

An independent panel faulted the United Nations' overlapping security services, the failure of supervisors to follow published safety guidelines, the ambition of agency directors in Iraq, a failure to heed warnings, and a refusal to accept help from U.S. or other soldiers in the occupation coalition.

This report stands in stark contrast to the comments Kofi Annan made immediately after the bombing. Then Mr. Annan blamed the US for not providing enough security.

Annan criticised the US for failing to secure the situation in Iraq for international humanitarian workers: "The occupying power is responsible for law and order and the security of the country," he said.

"We had hoped that by now the coalition forces would have secured the environment for us to be able to carry on the essential work of political and economic reconstruction, institution-building and for Iraqis to carry on with their work," he said.

"That has not happened," he said, while acknowledging that it was difficult to prevent such an attack.

Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich is still calling for the US to get out of Iraq because the UN could do a much better job.


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