Friday, October 03, 2003

Yes, no, maybe?

First they are maybe in, then they are out. Now they say maybe.

Adopting a wait and watch approach, India on Friday said it would have to see how much more would need to be done to make the US new draft resolution on Iraq acceptable to all even as it advocated that the document has to incorporate some of the "basic points" including the issue of UN role and control over Iraq's economic and natural resources.

This might be the one thing India and Pakistan can agree on.

Pakistan on Thursday said its decision to send troops to Iraq was not in any way "associated" with receiving money from the United States.


Pakistan has already given instructions to its permanent representative at the United Nations and is trying to create some international consensus on this issue, he said. "We have already told the USA that we will reconsider this issue. Not in Pakistan alone but at the international level too," he said.

Asked who would take the decision to send troops to Iraq, the minister said it is a very important decision. The entire nation will be taken into confidence.

Great. Does Osama bin Laden get a vote too?


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