Tuesday, November 04, 2003

90% of LDP want change

As this blog has been detailing, there has been some talk about Japan changing its Constitution so that it can have a larger military and have the flexibility to help in military campaigns, such as the one in Iraq.

Now a new survey has found that 90% of the members of the Liberal Democratic Party favor changing the Constitution in this way. The Liberal Democratic Party is the leading party in the Japanese parliament.

Japan's constitution should be rewritten to remove or amend pacifist safeguards imposed after World War II, according to a poll of candidates representing the country's governing party published yesterday.

The survey by the Asahi newspaper showed that constitutional revision was favored by almost 90 percent of candidates from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which is expected to win this week's general election comfortably.

It also showed that some 60 percent of candidates from the main opposition Democrats are in favor of revising the constitution, though not necessarily Article 9, which prevents Japan from maintaining an offensive military capability.


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