Saturday, November 15, 2003

AL in London

The Angry Left in London will be staging a rally during George W. Bush's visit there. Among the guests of honor will be George Galloway, the former member of Parliament who was kicked out of the Labour Party for saying things such as "The wolves are Bush and Blair, not the soldiers. The soldiers are lions led by donkeys, sent to kill and be killed." Galloway was also accused of taking money from Saddam is return for his support.

On Tuesday - when Mr Bush and his wife arrive in London - a Stop Bush rally will be held near Euston Station. It will be attended by veteran campaigner Tony Benn, Harold Pinter, the former Labour MP George Galloway, and Kate Hudson, chairwoman of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

That should tell you something regarding the validity and mind set of the Angry Left.


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