Saturday, November 01, 2003

AL strike at Georgetown

On Thursday the Angry Left lashed out at Paul Wolfowitz during a speech he gave at Georgetown University...

Many students strongly criticized Wolfowitz and his policies during a question-and-answer session after the speech.

“We hate your policies. We are tired of being feared and hated by the world,” Ruthie Coffman (SFS ’06) said, also calling Wolfowitz’s policies “deplorable.” “The killing of innocents is not the solution but rather the problem,” she said.

“I would infer that you would be happier if Saddam Hussein were still in power,” Wolfowitz responded.“War is ugly,” he said, “but the alternative is far worse.”

Emil Totonchi (SFS ’06) also laid into Wolfowitz for “immorally” invading Iraq, asking Wolfowitz what he would do when President Bush lost reelection next fall.

“You and I should both calm down a little bit,” Wolfowitz said, adding that “there is not much question about the morality of having gotten rid of that regime.”

Iraqis remain worried, he said, that next year’s election could determine the future of Iraq.

...but it seems as though he handled himself just fine.

Wolfowitz also had this to say regarding the Palestinians:

Wolfowitz said he saw Palestinian terrorism as the greatest barrier to Middle East peace.

“If the Palestinians would adopt the ways of Gandhi, I think they could, in fact, make enormous changes very, very quickly,” he said. “I believe in the power of individuals demonstrating peacefully.”


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