Monday, November 03, 2003

A lot of crazy policy

Greg Sheridan has a very interesting column in The Australian.

John Howard thinks that if he, George W. Bush and Tony Blair had waited for the UN to make a decision on Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction program, they'd still be waiting today and the murderous Iraqi dictator would still be in power.

In an interview this week, Howard had absolutely no regrets about the Iraq operation. In comments he somewhat amplified in a doorstop press conference yesterday, he told me he thought the French had played "essentially a spoiling role" in the Iraq debate. More than that, he said, they are continuing to play a spoiling role on Iraq today.

The role of the French goes to show just why so much talk of the UN and its structures is so useless. The French were determined to stop the Americans from undertaking successful action in Iraq. Any UN reform that you can think of that did not remove France's Security Council veto would not have prevented the collapse of the UN process in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

And no veto-holding power – not France, Russia, Britain, China or the US – is going to allow the veto to be abolished. It would actually be a bad thing if the veto were abolished, because it is the US veto that stands between the world and a lot of crazy policy.


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