Thursday, November 06, 2003

More on West

Terry Jeffrey weighs in on the Allen B. West controversy:

The Defense Department may soon inflict an injustice on an American hero, whose wife, a cancer survivor, depends on his military health benefits, and whose daughters, who first gave him up to a war, may now give him up to prison.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld can stop it.

On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume asked Rumsfeld if he could "overrule or short-circuit" what's being done to West. "They tell me that's the case," said Rumsfeld.

But Rumsfeld -- who recently wrote a memo urging subordinates to think outside the box -- is uncharacteristically playing the careful bureaucrat. "The Army is addressing this," he told Hume. "It will move along in its normal order. And at some point, it could conceivably come to me, in which case I shouldn't say how I feel personally."

But the buck is already on Rumsfeld's desk: Will he spare West, or wait to see if the "normal order" sends him to the brig? If he wants West spared, the longer Rumsfeld waits, the longer he subjects West and his family to unnecessary anguish.

I can't believe the lack of coverage this story is getting.


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