Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Not yet understood

Polish Prime Minister Leszek Miller recently visited the Polish troops in Iraq. The BBC has this report:

He told Polish troops their mission was essential for the reconstruction of Iraq, despite being costly, painful and "not yet understood" by many people.

The visit comes a few days after Poland lost its first serviceman there.

Major Hieronim Kupczyk, shot last week in an ambush, was the first Polish combat casualty since World War II.

"You are here to bring hope and freedom to the Iraqi people, loyal to the traditions of Poland and to your freedom," Mr Miller told hundreds of troops in a partially reconstructed palace near the ancient city of Babylon.

"We are here to help build Iraq a better future, and we will remain only until new Iraqi authorities are able to take responsibility for their country and the security of its citizens," he added, speaking on Poland's Independence Day.

Mr Miller insisted that the death of Major Kupczyk would not affect Poland's Iraq operation

"Last week's events will definitely not change our policy in this matter because our reasons for being here are moral and not only political, so we will continue our mission here in Iraq," he said.

Miller is quite right when stating that the reasons for being in Iraq are unfortunately "not yet understood" by many people. Take Howard Dean, for example.


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