Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Three more sentenced

Three more jihadis will rot in American jails:

Three Lashkar-e-Tayiba members, accused of trying to engage in "holy jihad" against Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir, have been sentenced by a US court to prison terms ranging from three to 11 years following guilty pleas in August to conspiracy and weapons charges.

US District Judge Leonie M Brinkema in Alexandria on Friday sentenced Yong Ki Kwon (27), Khwaja Mehmood Hasan (27) and Donald T Surratt (30).

They were among 11 named in a 41-count indictment handed in June in a conspiracy to "prepare for and engage in violent jihad" against foreign targets. Nine of the 11, including the three above, were identified as US citizens.

Hasan and Kwon could have received life sentences, while Surratt faced up to 15 years.

US Attorney Paul J McNulty said they "secretly plotted in this community and perversely planned and travelled to camps in Pakistan".

Of course, Michael Moore isn't sure if these guys are terrorists or just members of the "military."


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