Friday, November 07, 2003

Who's the voice vote good for?

Michael Moore has an "interesting" theory:

This week the Senate gave Bush the $87 billion he was looking for to continue the debacle in Iraq. But the Republicans knew that voting for this might come back to haunt them, so they asked the Democrats if they could just have a "voice vote" so no one's name would have to be recorded as having voted in favor of sending the nation into permanent debt (a debt that may not be paid off in our lifetime). The Democrats, afraid of appearing “unpatriotic," agreed to the deal.

However, I think it's the other way around. I believe that it was the Democrats who were better served by the voice vote because they could support what they knew to be an essential and worthwhile bill and be able to keep their names off any voting record, making it impossible for Howard Dean and the rest of the angry left to mock them in their bitter, immature monologues.


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