Tuesday, December 23, 2003

"Sister Cities"

Dean's World is on to something:

Homeland Security has a color chart. It's okay but I think there are better ways for securing our nation. I just read, in our comments, an idea for securing our homeland. Commenter SKS, I like the way you think.

We create a list of sister cities, publish it for the world to see and our nation will see cooperation from Islamic nations like never before.

U.S. Sister City Program
It works like this: You bomb one of our cities and we unleash 10,000 times the explosives on our "sister city" as a response.

Sister Cities:

New York City - Mecca
Washington D.C. - Medina
Los Angeles - Riyadh
Chicago - Damascus
San Francisco - Tehran
Seattle - Tripoli

And so on... You get the idea. I think that is an idea worth looking into. It could really get some cooperation on our War on Terror. Don't you think?


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