Sunday, December 28, 2003

Summary on Pakistan

The CSM has a nice summary regarding Pakistan selling nuclear nuclear technology to other states:

Pakistani officials insist that there has been no transfer of nuclear technology since President Pervez Musharraf took power four years ago and that, if the country's scientists and engineers had done anything wrong in the past, it was without government approval, according to the Times. As the BBC reports, Information Minister Sheikh Ahmed Rashid conceded on Monday that certain scientists may have been acting independently.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that "evidence discovered in a probe of Iran's secret nuclear program points overwhelmingly to Pakistan as the source of crucial technology that put Iran on a fast track toward becoming a nuclear weapons power." Iran has not directly identified Pakistan as a supplier, but documents provided by Iran to UN nuclear inspectors since early November have strongly implicated Pakistani individuals and companies as sources of key blueprints, technical guidance, and equipment for a pilot uranium-enrichment plant, reports the Post.


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