Thursday, January 01, 2004


The operations in Afghanistan keep on rolling:

The US military said Tuesday it killed 10 suspected rebels and captured more than 100 other people in a four-week old operation it has billed as the largest since the fall of the Taliban two years ago. Two Afghan soldiers also were killed, while two Afghans and two coalition soldiers were injured in action during Operation Avalanche, which ended Monday after four weeks, a military spokesman said. The operation involved more than 2,000 US troops in an area of southern and eastern Afghanistan the size of California, though there were no major skirmishes.

US troops and soldiers from allied nations such as Romania carried out hundreds of patrols and searches, uncovering weapons caches and making arrests. "Most important is what didn’t happen," Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty said at a news conference, citing the reopening of a key highway to the south that has been plagued by militant attacks and an apparent slowdown in attacks on aid workers. He gave no details on when the arrests were made or under what circumstances the rebel suspects were killed.


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