Friday, January 16, 2004

Al Arabiya: No more "martyrs"

The Al Arabiya satellite station will no longer call suicide bombers "martyrs":

The Saudi-owned Al Arabiya satellite station, confronted with terror attacks in Saudi Arabia, has stopped referring to suicide bombers as "martyrs," provoking anger among Palestinian officials.

Irritation with the network, which has carried several reports critical of the Palestinian cause, is so intense that one of its reporters was pulled from his car and beaten last week.

Yussef al-Qazzaz, a senior official with the Palestinian Broadcasting Corp., directed an angry outburst mainly at local correspondents working for the popular Saudi news channel.

Al Arabiya, concerned about terror attacks in Saudi Arabia, recently ordered its reporters in the Palestinian territories to stop using the word "martyr" to describe Palestinian victims or suicide bombers, and make do with the word "dead" so as not to glorify those who carry out similar acts at home.

The Saudis are finally figuring out that they are destined to reap what they sow.


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