Friday, January 09, 2004

Amnesty International

Amnesty International says that the US is making the world a more dangerous place:

The US-led war on terrorism violates international law and justice, and has encouraged various governments to ignore human rights in the name of national security, Amnesty International has said.

"Far from making the world a safer place, the global security doctrine promulgated by the US has made it more dangerous," Irene Khan, the general secretary of the London-based human rights watchdog said in Dhaka on Sunday.

Addressing a seminar on 'Global Peace and Security', she said, Western nations, in order to ensure their own security, are increasingly threatening the security of underdeveloped countries following which the people of these nations are becoming victims of human rights violations.

She also accused the United States of undermining the 'best systems of collective security' in the world – the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.


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