Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Buzz Machine/Kay

Buzz Machine:

By now we've all heard that weapons detective David Kay quit after not finding WMDs in Iraq. But listen, too, to what he told Tom Brokaw tonight:

TB: The president described Iraq as a gathering threat — a gathering danger. Was that an accurate description?
DK: I think that’s a very accurate description.
TB: But an imminent threat to the United States?
DK: Tom, an imminent threat is a political judgment. It’s not a technical judgment. I think Baghdad was actually becoming more dangerous in the last two years than even we realized. Saddam was not controlling the society any longer. In the marketplace of terrorism and of WMD, Iraq well could have been that supplier if the war had not intervened.

An imminent threat. An imminent threat.

I agree and I like the way Kay points out that someone had to step in or it would have soon gotten out of hand. Maybe not in a year, or even two or ten, but eventually. So why put off the unevitable.


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