Thursday, January 01, 2004

Cuba spooked

Cuba is anticipating a US invasion:

Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon, dismissing U.S. charges that Cuba is developing weapons of mass destruction as the words of a "liar," says Bush administration policies have made the risk of U.S. invasion "a real, present danger for us."

Mr. Alarcon, a former foreign minister and one of the founders of the Cuban Revolution, took strong exception to remarks by Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton.

Mr. Bolton on Dec. 2 named Cuba along with Iran, North Korea, Syria and Libya as rogue states "whose pursuit of weapons of mass destruction makes them hostile to U.S. interests [and who] will learn that their covert programs will not escape either detection or consequences."

"He's a liar," Mr. Alarcon said of Mr. Bolton during a recent interview in Geneva.

Noting that the United States had cited Saddam Hussein's suspected weapons programs as justification for the invasion of Iraq, he said: "The risk of [Cuba] being attacked at this time — when preventive attacks have become a new American doctrine — is a real, present danger for us."


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