Tuesday, January 27, 2004

"High levels of radiation"

The US military has quarantined 4 trucks that were crossing the Iraqi border from Turkey because "high levels of radiation" were detected coming from them:

The Stryker brigade's nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance platoon detected high levels of radiation on four trucks attempting to cross the Iraq-Turkey border, officials said Monday.

The trucks emitted radiation signatures of more than 100 centigrade per hour, which could be dangerous depending on how the measurement was taken.

Brigade officials said the platoon, from the 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, was sent to the Habur Gate border crossing Monday after Turkish authorities called for U.S. military assistance. Officials said they had no information about why the Turks were suspicious of the vehicles.

The trucks were quarantined on the Iraqi side of the border, brigade officials said. The platoon also was inspecting other vehicles and a nearby scrap metal yard, they said.

A team from Iraq Survey Group, the Pentagon organization searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, was expected to arrive at the scene in the next day or so, officials said.

(Thanks to The Command Post)


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