Saturday, January 10, 2004

ISI arrested in India

Persons believed to be agents of the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency, have been arrested in Hyderabad, India:

The police in Hyderabad arrested four suspected ISI agents on Friday night.

At a time when the BJP is holding its national executive in the city, the aim was clearly to create sensation.

Reports indicate that the target of the ISI agents was the party's state President, Indrasen Reddy.

"This was expected because the BJP has always talked against the ISI and its activities," Reddy said.

The interrogation of the suspected ISI agents has revealed that they had been instigated by elements in Saudi Arabia having links with the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

"They learnt that Mr Reddy sometimes goes for a walk or to work without his security guards. So they planned to attack him in the morning. They had procured weapons and explosives for this purpose," informed R P Singh, Police Commissioner, Hyderabad.

Police has now reinforced the BJP leader's personal security and also beefed up the security cover at the venue of the BJP's national executive meeting.


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