Thursday, January 29, 2004

Japan/Pakistan talks

Representatives from Japan and Pakistan met recently to talk about security, Afghanistan, and India:

Japanese and Pakistani diplomats held their first security dialogue in Islamabad on Saturday, addressing the need for coordinating policies promoting peace and stability in Asia and the world, Foreign Ministry officials in Tokyo said Sunday.

Mitoji Yabunaka, director general of the Asian and Oceania Affairs Bureau, and Salman Bashir, additional foreign secretary in charge of the Asia-Pacific region, headed the delegations.

They discussed the reconstruction of Afghanistan and relations between Pakistan and India centering around disputed Kashmir, the officials said.

Yabunaka expressed appreciation for Pakistan's role in the U.S.-led war against terrorism and its efforts to promote peace and stability in South Asia.

They took up the security situation in Northeast Asia, including North Korea's nuclear development.

It's nice to see Japan taking an active role in area of international security. They have a lot to offer and can make other countries take notice. It's also nice to see Pakistan being receptive to Japanese concerns.


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