Tuesday, January 27, 2004

N. Korean sanctions

Japanese leaders are considering sanctions against North Korea:

Diet lawmakers who have adopted a hardline stance on North Korea agreed Tuesday to submit bills during this legislative session that would allow the government to slap economic and other sanctions on Pyongyang.

The most controversial piece of legislation advocates banning the re-entry of ethnic Korean residents of Japan who are deemed to be members of groups plotting subversive activities, once they have left the country. This legislation was drafted by Democratic Party of Japan member Shingo Nishimura.

The other two bills would allow Japan to impose unilateral economic sanctions, including blocking money remittances to North Korea, and to prevent North Korean vessels or foreign ships that have stopped at North Korea from entering Japanese ports.

The group said these measures are needed to help "maintain the peace and security" of Japan.

North Korea has said in the past that economic sanctions, if imposed by the US, would lead to war.


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