Friday, January 16, 2004

The other "fence"

Israel isn't the only one building a security barrier. India is building one along the line-of-control in Kashmir and has been for some time:

Indian Army Chief General N C Vij on Thursday said New Delhi would go ahead with the fencing along the 590-km stretch of the Line of Control (LoC) from the Chenab river to the Gurez sector in Held Jammu and Kashmir. Sixty per cent of the work had already been completed and the remaining would be finished by the end of May, he said at the Army Day parade here.

Observing that the gigantic work, being backed by thermal and ground sensors, has ensured a substantial reduction in infiltration, he said, “Much greater efforts are already under way and hopefully we will be able to curtail infiltration to a large extent.”

The army chief said once the fence was erected, it would make infiltration extremely difficult, adding that the militants would have no option other than to illegally cross the international border or through tough terrain in Kargil sector.

Where is the outcry?


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