Monday, January 12, 2004


Qantas, the large Australian air line, will place armed air marshals on flights bound for the US. Australia has a similar agreement with Singapore, placing marshals on flights between the two countries.

Qantas says it will comply with orders from the US government to place air marshalls on any of its flights bound for America.

The United States has stepped up its security measures and told airlines it may order them to place air marshalls on specific flights.

Those who refuse to cooperate could be denied entry to the US.

Qantas head of security Geoff Askew says the airline will comply with any such orders.

Mr Askew says while the Australian government will pay to train the sky marshalls, Qantas will pay for their seats on the US flights.

Australia has already struck a deal with Singapore to have air marshalls on flights between the two countries.


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