Saturday, January 03, 2004

United front

The Tehran Times claims that the Arab countries need to give more money to the Palestinians and that a more "united front" is needed against the "expansionist and coercive" "Zionist Regime."

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quray, also known as Abu-Ala, arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday December 29 to meet with Saudi officials. His trip occurred at a time when the expansionist and coercive policies of the Zionist Regime have escalated.

To maintain its expansionist policies in the Palestinian occupied territories, the Zionist Regime has escalated its coercive policies in order to put an end to the strong resistance put up by Palestinians. For instance, the siege on the Palestinian people has been tightened and the assassination of Palestinian resistance leaders has increased over the past few months.

Under such circumstances, the Western countries have failed to fulfill their promise of economic help to the Palestinian authorities.

At such a time, the Palestinian authorities have turned their attention to the Arab countries including the rich Persian Gulf littoral states especially Saudi Arabia which usually helps the Palestinian authorities. Of course, in addition to financial support, Palestinians need political support. Arab countries also need to have a united front to confront the common enemy, the Zionist Regime.

Maybe the Palestinians could hit Yasir Arafat up for a loan.


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