Monday, January 12, 2004

"Why the UK so loyal?"- Sawa

Takamitsu Sawa, in a Japan Times op-ed, states that he does not "understand why Britain has been so loyal to the United States" and is also concerned that Japan will "become a U.S. vassal." Sawa also thinks that Japan's support for the US will sour its relationship with Europe.

A decade after the Cold War ended, serious discord has developed in the Christian civilization of the West. The rift has yet to become irreparable perhaps because Britain has never wavered from its pro-U.S. policy. I don't understand why Britain has been so loyal to the United States. A major question for Japanese diplomacy is: Will it continue its traditional pro-U.S. stance, or will it shift to a multilateral diplomacy with more emphasis on East Asia?

Aside from proposed amendments to its no-war Constitution, Japan is likely to remain weak in military terms compared with the U.S., the military superpower. If Japan continues to give moral support to the U.S. neocons, though, it will inevitably invite discord with other nations in Europe and Asia and will become a U.S. vassal. Dissension with other Asian countries would be a grave problem for Japan's economic future, since there is growing talk of an East Asian economic zone.


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