Tuesday, February 03, 2004

General Padmanabhan's war

I've already noted this story once, but some new "details" have presented themselves. Former Indian army chief General Sunderrajan Padmanabhan claims that the US and India will have a huge "60-hour" war in 2017 in which India will bring the US to its knees with "information technology". Eventually the UN will step in to stop the war (!).

Former army chief General Sunderrajan Padmanabhan thinks America is a rogue state in a class of its own.

And, he is not afraid to say so.

On Monday, he spoke to reporters about his forthcoming book, India Checkmates America 2017.

It is in three parts. The first deals with the period between 1989 and 2003 when America's pre-emption policy evolved and firmed up. Iraq was at the receiving end of this policy.

The second part covers the future, 2003 to 2017, when India is on a fast growth track with a national government enjoying political consensus and the benefits of national economic development. During this period, the general writes, India, China and Russia will form a strong Asian alliance.

The third part deals with a 60-hour war with the US and how it ends with the intervention of the United Nations Security Council and other peacemakers but only after India humbles the US with the help of information technology. India unleashes a massive strike on American communication networks, throwing everything from its banking to its airline industry into a tizzy. The Indian military also successfully takes on US might.


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