Wednesday, February 04, 2004

New HQ

The US has opened a new military headquarters in Afghanistan:

The US military on Tuesday unveiled anew headquarters here as its commander pledged more efforts to create a securer environment for the post-war reconstruction in Afghanistan.

"With this new headquarters, our primary focus will shift from overwhelming offensive combat operation to an approach balancing the continued needs for offensive combat with growing emphasis on creating enduring security," said Lt. Gen. David Barno at an inaugural ceremony in Kabul.

Barno, also commander of the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan, said the opening of the Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan (CFC-A) reflected in many ways the new realities in the post-war country, where remnants of the ousted Taliban regime and al-Qaeda terrorist network are still a security headache.

It also marks the change of US military structure in Afghanistan, said the three-star US Army general.

"Our military operation is to take on a new form as the enemy has shifted his tactics," he said, referring to Taliban guerrilla fighters who have killed dozens of civilians in a series of attacks in the past two months.


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