Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently stated that Russia will seek its own missile defence shield and that it is developing "next-generation strategic weapons" that are "capable of hitting targets continents away with hypersonic speed, high precision and the ability of wide manoeuvre."

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the Russian military would soon receive next-generation strategic weapons and might develop its own missile defence.

Putin spoke after watching the launch of a military satellite from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia, which was part of a massive exercise of the nation's strategic forces. He travelled to the launch pad after watching naval exercises in the Barents Sea from a nuclear submarine.

"The experiments conducted during these manoeuvres, the experiments that were completed successfully, have proven that state-of-the art technical complexes will enter service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces in the near future," Putin said in remarks broadcast by Russian television stations.

The new weapons will be "capable of hitting targets continents away with hypersonic speed, high precision and the ability of wide manoeuvre," Putin said, adding that the new weapons would allow the armed forces to "reliably ensure Russia's strategic security for a long historical perspective."

Putin wouldn't elaborate on the prospective weapons, but said that their development wasn't aimed against the United States. He said that he had informed US President George W Bush about Russia's latest military achievements, and added that the Russian military would provide more information to its American counterparts.

It seems like Putin might have some more immediate issues to concentrate on...


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