Monday, February 02, 2004

Syria giving 200 million back

Syria is giving 200 million dollars that were deposited by Saddam back to Iraq.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is ready to return to Iraqi authorities money stashed in Syria by ousted president Saddam Hussein but does not want to give it to the Americans in Baghdad, a member of Iraq's transitional Governing Council said yesterday.

"President Assad gave an assurance that Iraqi cash deposited in Syria is secure and that he is ready to return it to the Iraqi authorities," Mowaffaq Al Roubaie said.

"Assad stated that he wanted to hand over the money to the Iraqi authorities and not to the (American) occupation forces," said Roubaie.

He said he would ask the Governing Council to send the appropriate ministers to Damascus to take charge of the money.

Assad said Syria held Iraqi funds totalling $200 million. He then linked their return to repayment to Syria of Iraqi debts run up by the Saddam regime.

I'm sure there is much more where that came from...


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