Monday, February 09, 2004

US troops train Japanese troops

US troops who are finishing their deployment in Iraq are being sent to train Japanese troops who are beginning their Iraq deployment.

U.S. troops who have deployed to Iraq spent Wednesday teaching Japan Ground and Air Self-Defense Forces personnel how to stay alive during upcoming deployments.

Lt. Col. Gus Green, the 18th Security Forces Squadron commander, told the Japanese forces they need to be prepared mentally for duty in Iraq — and for the possibility of being shot at.

"You hear about it, see it — but until someone takes a shot at you in anger … it's a wake-up call," Green told more than a dozen participants who represented a ground unit and 10 air units.

"You have to be in the right mental state to deal with that threat. You'll be more dangerous than helpful if you do go in without the right mind-set."

Green's troops taught the Japanese about patrolling with all-terrain vehicles, using security camera systems, beefing up vehicles and the dangers of improvised explosive devices.

Green began the day by showing the Japanese how his unit improved vehicle safety using body armor vests, sandbags and Kevlar blankets.


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