Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"A waste of budget" (and international aid)

The citizens of Bam are complaining that the relief effort there has been slow, corrupt, and stricken with fraud:

After the passage of more than 40 days since the devastating earthquake which rocked the Southeastern Iranian city of Bam, the quake-hit people of the city are complaining of the poor services they have been rendered so far.

According to Iranian Daily Hamshahri, many Bam residents are dissatisfied with the establishment of temporary settlements at the sites which they think are not suitable at all. They say that no one asked their opinion about the location of the camps. Thus many believe that many steps taken so far in the quake-torn city were no more than a waste of budget.

The Hamshahri report indicates that the domestic and foreign aid packages sent to the city were not fairly distributed among the people. Even many of the local residents said that the aids have been blocked by certain organizations.

Another problem the locals now face is a rather large population who has immigrated to the ruined city just to enjoy the facilities of the relief organizations. These immigrants have tripled the 90,000 population of Bam.

Distinguishing between the locals and the outsiders is a big problem the officials in Bam are entrapped in.


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