Monday, March 22, 2004

100 million a month

The US is giving Pakistan 100 million dollars a month for "logistics support in the global war against terrorism."

The United States government is reportedly paying Pakistan 100 million dollars a month for logistics support in the global war against terrorism.

According to The News , this has been reported in the half-yearly review of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that was released on Sunday.

The paper said that the 'logistics support payments' increased by 83.3 per cent during July-December 2003 to total 581 million dollars, or about 97 million dollars a month.

The report further said that Pakistan and the US had signed an acquisition and cross-servicing agreement (ACSA) in early 2002 to facilitate reciprocal provision of logistics support and services between the two armed forces, to be used primarily during combined exercising, training, deployments, operations or other cooperative efforts.

Items permitted under the ACSA include food, water, transportation, POL, communications and medical services and also covers use of facilities, training services, repairs and maintenance etc.


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