Friday, March 19, 2004

Asharq al-Awsat

A Saudi paper published in London is calling for Islamic religious institutions to condemn terrorism:

We want our religious institutions to be concerned with people's lives as much as they are concerned with the rules of sexual intercourse. We suppose that our religious institutions in the Arab and Islamic world have heard about the terrorist attacks that defame Islam and Muslims. We also suppose that they know that the majority of victims of these attacks are Muslims. What is surprising is that these attacks have not stimulated Islamic religious institutions. Their silence and hesitation has a bad influence, and this position encourages terrorists to go further. The institutions should have reacted at least as human beings not as religious people. The religious institutions should have followed the example of the Pope in the Vatican who immediately condemned the attacks in Madrid last week. He also officially participated in the victims' funerals in spite of his old age. This good initiative of the Pope must have left a good impression among not only followers of the Catholic Church but also among irreligious people who represent the majority in Europe.


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