Monday, March 15, 2004

Car bomb

A car packed with explosives has been found outside the US consulate in Pakistan:

A car filled with explosives, a timer and detonators was found outside the US consulate in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi Monday, two days before US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s visit to the country and almost two years after a car bomb attack on the consulate.

A Suzuki high-top vehicle, which had been parked outside the heavily fortified building by two men at 7:30 am (0230 GMT), contained a “huge quantity of chemical explosives,” provincial police chief Kamal Shah said.

“It could not have caused major damage to the consulate but the purpose was to create harassment and terrorism,” Shah told AFP.

Army bomb defusal experts have taken the car away to test the chemical substance and determine its intensity, police said. A spokesman for the United States embassy in Islamabad confirmed the car was found but refused to go into details.

“All I know is that a car was found and with the collaboration of Karachi police it was removed,” spokesman Andrew Steinfeld told AFP.


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