Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Iran: no more pilgrimages

Iran has ordered an end to all pilgrimages to Iraq:

Iran announced it had halted all pilgrimages to Shiite Muslim sites in Iraq, after scores of its nationals were killed or injured in bomb attacks in Karbala and amid US charges the attackers may have crossed from Iran.

"We have ordered pilgrims not to go to the border to cross to Iraq, even in organised convoys," the Deputy Interior Minister Ali-Asghar Ahmadi told state radio.

The Interior Ministry added on its Internet site that the travel ban would stay in place "until further notice".

The state news agency IRNA, quoting an Iranian diplomat in Baghdad, said22 Iranian pilgrims were killed and around 100 others were injured in the coordinated anti-Shiite bombings in Karbala and Baghdad.


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