Thursday, March 18, 2004

Iraqi Community Association

The Iraqi Community Association has released this statement:

Iraq One Year Later

A year has passed since the invasion of our country, and while we Iraqis do not claim that we are safely and irrevocably on a course to liberal democracy, the honest and rather remarkable truth is that we have made enormous strides in that direction. The signing on March 8 of the interim constitution - containing the strongest guarantees of individual, minority, and women’s rights and liberties to be found anywhere in the Arab world, is the most obvious success. The capture of Saddam has damaged the Baathist-led insurgency, although jihadists continue to launch horrific attacks on Iraqis. “The ruthlessness, the cruelty and the life-denying viciousness of evil suicide bombers must be eradicated. They are the enemies of humanity and barbarians in the crudest sense”. Said today the director of the CA, Jabar Hassan..

What’s more, there are hopeful signs that Iraqis of different religious, ethnic, and political persuasions can work together. This is far cry from predictions made before the war by many, both here and in Europe, that a liberated Iraq would fracture into feuding clans and unleash a bloodbath. What we need now is the support towards rebuilding our country towards peace, democracy and the respect for human rights.


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