Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Jeremy Greenstock

Jeremy Greenstock, the UK's UN representative, has stated that the US and UK will be in Iraq for at least another 2 years:

The top British diplomat in Iraq said Wednesday United States and British troops would have to remain in force in the country for two years at least, although numbers could decrease.

Jeremy Greenstock, who works closely with U.S. administrator Paul Bremer, predicted further conflict before sovereignty was handed over to Iraqis at the beginning of July but insisted the U.S.-led forces would stay to "finish the job".

Speaking to the BBC following the bomb attacks on Baghdad and Karbala, the former British ambassador to the United Nations said:" The intention to intensify violence in the months leading up to the handover of authority was expected and is very difficult to stop." This is a crunch period for the future of Iraq. Iraqi society has got to realize that they have got to unite against it."

Greenstock said he was amazed by the determination of Iraqi people to rebuild their society in the face of repeated terror attacks. "It is that determination to create a new Iraq that we are depending upon and fostering by our presence here," he said.

"We will stay here after June. We are not going to leave," Greenstock said. Asked about the length of the troop deployment, he said: "My prediction is at least another two years, maybe more than that. They will come down in numbers as the Iraqi capacity grows. There will be a correlation between those things.


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