Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Mirwais Sadiq

Afghanistan's aviation minister, Mirwais Sadiq, has been killed:

The army commander at the centre of factional fighting in the western city of Herat denied Tuesday that Aviation Minister Mirwais Sadiq was assassinated and said he had died in clashes.

Abdul Zahir Naibzada, who was appointed by President Hamid Karzai last year, said fighting broke out after forces under the command of governor and warlord Ismael Khan, Sadiq's father, attacked his home and his 17th military division headquarters on Sunday.

The ensuing clashes between Khan's forces and Naibzada's troops left between 40 and 50 people dead, a presidential spokesman said.

Khan's spokesman Ghaulam Mohammad Masoon alleged Sadiq was killed by gunmen at Naibzada's house while he was trying to find out who was behind an apparent assassination attempt on his father. He had gone there because a gunman believed to have tried to kill Khan had fled into Naibzada's house, Masoon said.


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