Monday, March 22, 2004


Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Yahod Almarat has recently stated that Mossad is "not monitoring the Pakistani installations."

A top Israeli official again voiced his government’ strong desire for establishing diplomatic ties with Pakistan, strongly rebuffing the media reports that of Israeli intelligence agencies are maintaining a tight watch on the sole nuclear Islamic state.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Yahod Almarat in a special chat with Online argued that Mossad, the Israeli secret service, is not monitoring the Pakistani installations at all. “Pakistan is not on the monitoring list of Baghdad-based investigating unit of Mosad and the media reports in this regard are merely rubbish”, he maintained.

In reply to a query, the Israeli top official stressed the need for putting up dedicated efforts by the international community for brining peace and stability in Middle East. “The intriguing Palestinian imbroglio could be resolved if the world powers come up with more sincere and serious efforts on the issue”, he said.


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