Friday, March 12, 2004

"This opportunity must therefore be used to produce a nuclear bomb"

The National Council of Resistance of Iran has released a report detailing the outcome of a meeting between senior Iranian officials. The meeting dealt with Iran's nuclear program and produced four theses:

1. The world would soon be divided into two poles, “members of the nuclear club and those without nuclear capability. Those with nuclear weapons would be the masters of world and others would be enslaved… Membership in this club would end in 10 years. The Islamic Republic, therefore, should impose itself on this global club as soon as possible.”

2. Under the current circumstances “Europe is focusing on convincing Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. Because of its problems in Iraq, the United States has no choice but to go soft on Iran. Thus, there is no resolve to refer the Islamic Republic’s file to the United Nations Security Council. This opportunity must therefore be used to produce a nuclear bomb.”

3. It is necessary that “the Islamic Republic continue the manufacture of a nuclear bomb. To the extent that’s possible, this effort must move forward secretly and by looking cooperative to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, the tensions must be accepted so as not to be enslaved. If some risks and tensions are accepted, Iran would be able to finalize the project [to make a nuclear bomb] between one to two years.”

4. The SNSC meeting discussed and approved several “important tactics”. They included:

- In sites such as Natanz, which are under IAEA monitoring, “infra-structural projects must continue, but because the Islamic Republic has accepted a temporary halt to uranium enrichment, the work [at such sites] would stop.”

- “Smaller research laboratories that have already been set up extensively [throughout the country] will continue their work non-stop.”

- Officials in the diplomatic arena, such as the SNSC Secretary Hassan Rohani and Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi “must use the diplomatic language to defend the right of the Islamic Republic to possess the nuclear bomb by underscoring the right to have nuclear technology and set the stage for further revelations on other nuclear activities.”


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