Thursday, September 16, 2004

"India's worst enemy"

The CIA is apparently trying convert Indians to Christianity...

Bhopal: Terming USA as "India's worst enemy," RSS Sar Sanghchalak K S Sudarshan alleged it was running two undercover operations - Joshua I and Joshua II - aimed at converting country's entire population into Christians. Sudarshan also cautioned RSS activists against the increase in Muslim population and said, "if the rate continues Hindus would be a minority community by 2060."

Addressing a gathering of RSS workers in Bhopal on Thursday, he said "America was India's worst foreign enemy as its funding missionary organisations for practicing conversion."

America's CIA has helped in carrying out the first operation - Joshua I- wherein surveys were conducted of every post office area in India and a database was created, he alleged.

"If the CIA requires any information, it has to approach Joshua I in-charge Billy Graham and get it by just clicking at a mouse," the RSS leader said.

"Under the Joshua II campaign launched in 2001, they are targeting at conversion of India's entire population by 2011 and spreading wide network of churches in the country," he alleged.

"Non-Government Organisations like Care and Vision accept funds from them and act as agents. Behind the much-publicised aim of service, these organisations are asked to practice conversion," Sudarshan alleged.

They are attacking the weakest link in Hindus - the SC and STs, he said adding those who stop such activities are defamed and branded terrorist organisations as done in case of the RSS.


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