Friday, September 17, 2004

James Moore on Hardball

James Moore, author of "Bush's War for Reelection", was on Hardball with Chris Matthews Thursday night. During that show, he made the following comment:

I think it cuts against the president, Chris, and I‘ve felt that since I asked him a question about this in 1994. The problem is that he said—he is going around the country today taking an oath and a pledge to protect this country which is no different than the oath and pledge he took as a member of the National Guard. Why if he walked away from that commitment after four years in the National Guard should voters believe him now? I think it goes to the question of his moral authority...

Is James Moore saying that President Bush is not obeying his pledge to protect the USA? What do you call the effort in Afghanistan and Iraq? The break-up of AQ Khan's nuclear black market? Libya giving up it's WMD program? The Patriot Act?

For James Moore to make a comment like that, on national television, is beyond ridiculous. And to make it worse, Chris Matthews didn't even attempt to correct him or even ask him for a clarification of his statement. He just moved right on to the next question. What James Moore did was to accuse President Bush of the highest form of treason. Asserting that President Bush has walked "
away from that commitment" to protect the citizens of the USA is flat out nonsense, and Matthews treated it as if were noting worth dwelling upon. Even if one disagrees with the methods President Bush has chosen to protect the USA (the Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc), one cannot deny that these are *efforts*, and that he takes his pledge to defend the USA seriously.


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