Monday, September 20, 2004

Pakistani support for suicide bombing...

60% of Pakistanis believe that suicide bombing attacks against "enemies of Islam" are justifiable.

60% of "older" Pakistanis believe that suicide attacks against Americans in Iraq are justifiable.

Six in 10 Pakistanis have come out in support of suicide attacks against "enemies" of Islam.

Going by a report prepared by the Washington-based PEW Research Centre, though most people in Muslim-dominated nations are divided over violence against civilian targets, 41 per cent of those interviewed in Pakistan said it was justifiable in the defence of Islam.

According to the Daily Times , which quoted the report extensively, 47 per cent of the Pakistanis said that Palestinian bombings against the Israelis was justifiable, while 36 per cent said it was not.

Six in 10 older Pakistanis said that the suicide attacks against American troops in Iraq was correct, compared with the 44 per cent of those who are younger saying it was not.


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